beautiful and well kept in Israel. Along the shoreline are the beatiful promenade, several hotels, tourist attraction, the marina, shopping centers, etc

Herzliya Marina
Herzliya's Marina was declared an international port in 1955, currently 800 vessels moore here on a permanent basis. The Marina in Herzliya is the biggest' most modern and exlusive among the Mediterranean Basin marinas, and contain 800 places for the mooring of vessels of different sizes, up to 40 meters length. The Marina also has an open public space, which includes tourism and recreation areas, a town square, entertainment, and commerce spaces, water sport's clubs and hotels. The Marina is an attraction for many thousand of guests, Israeli and foreigners, all year around..

The ancient site is situated on a cliff, overlooking Herzeliya's beach. The Phoenicians were the first to settle in the region of Apollonia, during the Persian Period. The place then called "Arshuf" after Reshef, the Phoenician god. During the Byzantine Period Apollonia was a prosperous place. Commercial and industrial centers were discovered in the site, as well as a maritime center that served the whole southern part of the Sharon region. In a later period Apollonia was conquered by the Crusade, and later on by the muslims lead by the Mamluk Sultan "Baibars". He ordered to destroy Apollonia, and since then the place lies in its ruins.